Political and religious views:

Political views: Albert Einstein was  one defender socialism to the competitiveness and individualism inherent in capitalism  

  • He defended socialism as the alternative to the competitiveness and individualism inherent in capitalism.
  • He was one of the most well-known members of the German Democratic Party, DDP.
  • Was co-fundator of the democratic and liberal party.
  • Having been exiled from Germany, due to the risks he was facing as a Jew, he fought tirelessly Nazi ideology in articles, letters and lectures.
  • He advocated world federalism, internationalism, pacifism, Zionism and democratic socialism.
  • Was one of the members more known of the party democratic Germany, DDP.
  • Albert, feel about national-socialism.
  • After the second world war, Einstein and other scientist, many of them collaborators in the Manhattan project, perhaps to free themselves from such a horrible shadow.
  • His political figure were not the leaders to use, it was Gandhi. Relying on the moral example of Gandhi, he fights the American McCarthyism that puts him on the same  level as that of the Nazi persecutions of Jews Gypsies and homosexual.

Religious views:

Einstein spend most of his childhood being a jewish because both of his parents believed in this religion. When he was 12 years old he decided that he didn’t believe the jewish stories so he started to do a research on what religion