The story begins with Captain Robert Walton probably near the end of the 18th century. He’s sailing to the North Pole and writing letters to his sister. In one of his letters he tells the story of a man called Victor Frankenstein.


Victor Frankenstein is a young rich scientist who lives in Geneva and after his mother’s dead he wants to do that nobody feel this pain emotion again. Since this point, he goes to Ingolstadt at the college to study the anatomy and later he realizes that he is ahead of his time. Therefore, with one of his experiments, he tries to create life using parts of dead bodies and with the electricity. As Victor is so smart, he gets his target, but he creates a monster that nobody loves. As the monster needs love and a father or a mother and he does not have it, he begins to hate and kill the Victor’s family. Finally, Elisabeth, the Victor’s wife, is murdered by the monster and Victor realizes of what he has made and he feels really sorry.


In my opinion, I think that this story is the mother of the science fiction and the romanticism because it explains the fact to kill your creation because of the dimensions in which it is related.