The short film is about identity. In the world where the story takes context, everyone is wearing a mask. There are many sorts of masks and every kind of mask represents a type of social group and stereotype. For example, if you want to be pretty or handsome you have to wear a yellow mask with a little red drawing. Also, to belong to any group you have to lie and to pretend to be someone that you are really not. The Main character is a girl and she does not know to what kind of group belongs. In fact, she is not comfortable with any stereotype because she is different and the mask hides her really personality and her features, thing that makes everything more difficult. In a moment of the film, she goes to the bathroom because her mask gets broken. Then, she looks herself in the mirror, she gets off her mask and she finds her true personality. In conclusion, I think that what the short film is trying to communicate is that you have to be yourself without caring the others opinion.