Chapter 1

Why if I am drinking a lot of water can often make me feel thirsty? That, that is the word, thirst. Thirst, is the feeling that they possibly had while they were at that place. A place where I had never been before. The stones were taking a strange color and shape as the floor was getting dirty because of their footprints. A colour that supplied me anger, fear and chaos. Also, my mind was giving me a strong tendency to think that I could not trust other beings because they were causing me extreme feelings like they were trying to harm my world. A world whose inhabitants had been living there since the sea splitted off the soil in small lands. Their physical structure was so much different to mine. Their eyes were as dark as a nightmare. They had shadows full of evil and a disgusting face that personified the selfishness and the clumsiness. Their mind was better than mine to unbelievable scales. However, they not used their intellectual abilities to improve the society that they were creating, they just thought to themselves without caring the civilization that was around them because of their greedy. The moment was becoming in a feeling of endless mind pain. My only chance was to stay in a place where nobody could find me. And that, was the darkness. Some uncountable years later, the seconds, the minutes, the hours, the days, the weeks, the months and the terms had become timeless as I was each moment deepen in the darkness. Finally, I found the truth. The stillness of that place made me be comfortable and I liked it. It was everything full of beauty because the ugliness was hide in the dark. The light and the reality were just dreams from a time gone by. To unknowing about the heat, the noise, the pain was a feeling that I had always been looking for. It was something terrifying yet amazing.

Chapter 2

They spent days and days, the creatures surrounded me and they took care of it, made me feel like comfortable but I did not like to trust those beings.
This made me take a lot of anguish, just because they were taking care of me very well, they were giving me a great meal, including cleaning me …
Also, to continue in that place, so dark that I was scared, with more beings like me.
But … every day we grew bigger, and as time went on, that place made me feel less comfortable, and it was getting more and more for me …
What hurt me most, is that every day, they brought some creatures like me, and they came back to them, and so routinely, the creatures came face to face with tired and they slept at the moment, months later, these creatures did not return anymore.
There were others who directly took them and they did not return, but then I was very upset because I knew that someday would happen to me, I knew that, although they treated me very well, I would try to do whatever I was and someday it would end up disappearing, which I did not imagine is what they would do to me.
This created a situation of stress, as if I were myself at the doors of death, or rather … As if death was getting closer to me day after day and night …

Chapter 3

One day, one of those intelligent beings arrived, and he took a couple of us to a room.
It was a dark room, full of straw, and there were some strange machines.
The shape of those machines totally fitted with my breasts, there were many grates and death was waiting for me …
It was not death that waited for me, but torture … They put me in this machine, which sucked me, I felt that I was getting something from myself, as if I took a vaccine by eliminating all the blood.
It was intense, I was not physically wrong, it was all very mental.
I supposed the being that I was doing it, I did not think I would do it for evil, I supposed that whatever they were getting away.
I would had benefit for that person, and in your society.
I made noises, in case anyone listened to me, but nobody did it.
I did not know how long it took to do all this, but it was for me an eternity.
They moved me to the place where my whole life had been, and there, I could not do anything but sleep, I was exhausted.
Then I realized that I was becoming like the other beings that lived there, but I also realized that I was special, and then I realized that I was born to achieve the freedom of my species, and I know, that death will come to me, but I will dodge it.

Chapter 4

The next few days, I was holding how there was such horrors in that place.
But, one day in the morning, I decided that would be the day, that just that day we would have all the freedom.
They trusted me on that machine and I pulled on the thing that I had a lot of intelligence, but I also had very little strength, they were moments for which I thought I would win, and I thought my species would help me to compete but It was not like that, no one moved.
I stood still, and I started thinking about death, at that moment, I had already arrived, I was punctured by a liquid that penetrated my skin and I fell asleep …
I woke up in a very dark place, it was not the place where I was raised, above it made a lot of noise and a very strange smell.
I supposed we were in a place where there was movement, it was that place where they came to bring supplies, and methods of torture for us.
The place where I was brought was not good at all, or at least that was what I thought what was clear was that being intelligent would make a profit even where it was.
They opened the door of that place, and I saw a camp, my desires were to escape, but I did not do it … Until I had seen where they took me … It was a place full of heads with my face.
It came to me all the melancholy of my life suddenly, the moments that I have lived …
Damn it, I was raging, for everything that those intelligent beings had given me …
And suddenly the melancholy, until I’m instantly a machine.
At first my feet were cut, that was a lot of pain, then they cut my limbs, and then I felt that the cut-off machine came to me …